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PlatformKey Support

We've added a platformKey parameter to the deliveries/POST method to better identify the connection API provider. platformKey only applies to developers add-ons, CMS and WMS systems.


Improvements to collection protocols

We have added the ability to request a protocol only for specific deliveries to the collection-protocols/POST method.


We have extended APIdoc to include English

Your English-speaking colleagues can now also read the documentation. The language switcher is located on the right side in the top navigation.


We have updated all tables with carrier and service dials

In the dials section we have added tables with the list of services. All entries are now synchronized with our API so they will always be up to date.


We have expanded the API documentation with a new section -Frequently Asked Questions-

In response to your suggestions, we have started compiling the most frequently asked questions and will gradually add them to this section:

We have added support for shipment monitoring

Our API has been extended with a new v4/monitored-deliveries endpoint, which allows you to create a so-called monitored shipment for Track and Trace on packages exported outside Foxdeli. More information can be found here:


Correction of incorrect names of two parameters

In the deliveries/GET method we corrected two names of parameters notDelivery, notPicketUp to notDelivered and notPickedUp.


Extension of the GET method to include the tracking page of the shipper

We added an attribute agentTrackingUrl to the deliveries/GET method, which returns a link to the tracking page of the shipper with the shipment details. More in the description of the GET method.


Change of URLs to get OAuth client

After the recent update of Foxdeli application, some URLs have been changed. This mainly concerns the OAuth client registration address and the new application address. The change does not affect the endpoints for the REST API.


Shipment detail, v4/list method modifications and ZPL formats

We have now added a list of supported ZPL formats to the v4/list/zpl-tickets list. Also, some field names in the lists have been changed (for example, active will now be isActive, etc.). We have also added a new parameter foxdeliDetailUrl to the shipment responses, which contains the absolute address of the shipment detail in Foxdeli.


Modification of endpoint for dials

In v4/list methods the level of data immersion has been changed. To maintain compatibility with the entire API, we have removed one level of immersion. Example: data.agents[] will now be directly in data[], data.deliveryStates.stateCategory[] will now be only in data.stateCategory[], data.extraServices[] will now be only in data[].


Adding new methods for getting dials

Foxdeli API has been enriched with new methods for automated getting of v4/list dials. Learn more about the new methods here


Deactivated standard transport for GEIS

As of 1st Feb 2021, a major change is taking place at the GEIS carrier. The standard parcel transport is discontinued and will be taken over by DPD. From now on, GEIS transport services will be limited to cargo transport only.


Added cargo support

We have added new features to Foxdeli to support cargo transport. The first carrier to support cargo within Foxdeli is Geis. The modifications are mainly related to the POST/deliveries method and the new containerCode and containerItems parameters. The list of shipping units for cargo has been added to the codebooks.


Updated shipping services

We have added newly supported services of carriers Zásilkovna, PPL and PBH to the dials.


Added description of OAuth 2.0 integration

Added missing description of OAuth 2.0 integration and use.


Supported and used printers

We have added to the table of label printers of our clients.


Added parameter validations to deliveries/POST and Sandbox

Added a column "Validation" to the table with the description of fields for deliveries/POST request. In addition, as of mid-November, our testing environment is changing to SANDBOX.


Change of the names InTime and Uloženka to WE|DO

The carriers InTime and Uloženka will merge into one entity called WEIDO CZ s.r.o., abbreviated as WEDO or WE|DO, from November 2020. This change has not affected the dials, but only the names of the services.


Extension of the Traces/GET method

We have extended the response of the deliveries/traces/GET method with important information such as status codes, categories and flags. More in the description at


Modifications to descriptions

We have only modified the wording of some paragraphs and added information about shipment validation.


Description of the method for states and imports has been added

Methods for creating and reading transport protocols have been added to the documentation. We have also added methods for obtaining shipment statuses and obtaining a list of collection points.


Label printing

Methods for printing PDF and ZPL labels have been added.



Added and revised all methods for working with shipments.


Deliveries/POST method added

Completely added specification for shipment sealing method.


Added dials

Added for Track and Trace states and label dimensions. New documentation added for deliveries/POST method.


Downloads and dials

We have added new dials to the documentation. We also now provide the possibility to download individual sections (API, dials, CSV) to a PDF file.


New authentication method

We have added Basic authentication using a generated token. The original OAuth 2.0 remains. The choice of logging into the API is up to the user.


Modification of the labels Zásilkovna, Česká Pošta

We have modified the width of the content of the labels. The reason for this was that on some printers the barcode and part of the exto was overflowing outside the label.

Launching new API documentation

We have launched new API documentation.